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"If you boarded already dove to show the star, the altitude give it to his guard my lord"


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I welcome it Dunakeszi on pigeon-fanciers' website!

Some words from the association's establishment .

On Dunakeszi from the front of the 1920 years we know about the keeping of the waltz doves. The pigeon-fanciers grouped themselves into table companies, and them piling up in pubs was kept. Later from these table companies they were associations. He is flying again. For the article: CLIQUE
The first official written memory derives from 1940, which mention that he is Koncsik Ferenc on a national competition, two the V-56 associations were representing his colours.this association Dunakeszi defined pigeon-fanciers' life through long years. Click on the picture for the big picture
The association's pride from the city named "Dunakeszi Magasröptű Babos Keringő"(Dunakeszi lofty bean orbiting), about which he may find out additional details on our side, was dove. The dove with next names dues: Enter sporting event yet "dunakeszi magasszálló" for a bean waltz, dunakeszi for a lofty bean waltz, dunakeszi for a bean waltz, dunakeszi for bean one.

To the browsing we desire a pleasant pastime!

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